Have fun with the Hot or Not App!

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Dating is hard! I always write about my dating experiences and how attraction is everything! Let’s be honest, when you first meet someone off a dating app, your first instinct is, “His bio is HOT!” It’s, “S/He’s HOT!” Physical attraction everything when you first meet someone (I will stick to this statement for as long as I live!) 
With so many dating apps nowadays, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Well, I found one! The Hot or Not app! So you’re probably thinking, “How is this app different from the rest.” There’s no trying to impress the others with a cute-catchy bio like most. It gets straight to the point and you can make a connection. Users rate your picture and you rate there’s. I sat there for an hour rating users as they rated mine.
 I know it may sound superficial to some of you, but it really is a great app. Once you established you are attracted to one another, you make a connection! Then you can get to know them! I think this app is perfect to play with and at the same time, make a connection! The most fun part is getting a score. I know that can be diminishing to ones self-esteem, but think about how fun it is just to rate people and have them rate you. It really does give you a chuckle! But when I say no catchy-cute bio, there is a a profile in which you can see their hobbies and all the awesome things the like to do! So it’s not all based on looks per-say.
 Kind of think of it this way, you think they are hot, click the heart but then if you are REALLY interested in getting to know them, you can see if they like the same things as you or similar! A win-win!
 You can download hot or not onto their iPads, on iphone, and on PCs via FB; HERE Or you can go to Hot or Not! 
Also, you can enter their $1,000 sweepstake
I know if you are like me, and finding dating exhausting, having to find one you’re actually attracted too, this app is perfect!

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I am definitely going to be trying it. LOL Seems like fun.