REVIEW: Little Painted Polka Dots

12:00 AM

Hello Lovelies!! I am so excited to share this little gem with you! If you know me, I have taken p a hobby of running. Lisa over at "Little Painted Polka dots" sent me over a shoe tag! Of course if you know me, my signature line is: Thug has never looked so beautiful" I just love it!

I asked Lisa to send me over a little bio and I just even adore her more!

"I started in 2008 creating hand-painted, whimsical wall art.  I took my passion and tried to create a business I could succeed at from home because I knew that once I became a momma that I would want to be able to stay home with my littles.  Somewhere along the lines the painting turned to personalized jewelry and I realized I love creating these pieces even more than painting.  In 2011 I became pregnant with my daughter and in 2012 was finally able to leave my studio job to stay home/work from home full time while raising Nella.  I love being able to create unique and affordable pieces for a wide variety of people.  The stories from some of my customers have touched me beyond measure.  I truly love what I do and realize how blessed I am to be able to do it."

Lisa just exudes positivity and I love all her little jewelry! Wish I can buy her whole store!

Visit Little Painted Polka Dots HERE


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