Saturday's with Stef: The Anonymous Comment

12:00 AM

A couple of weeks ago, on my LAST "Saturday's with Stef" I received an anonymous comment. I am ASSUMING from a woman, who claimed to be around my age, living on her own and to quote her, "not living off of mommy" The comment was rather disgusting. She built herself up to knock me down.

She then said she is no longer reading my blog. The whole comment was tearing me down WITHOUT knowing the FULL story. For a "smart" girl she claimed to be, she sure looked stupid. Not fully taking it all in that I am NOT disclosing the FULL story. Just bits and parts of MY situation. 

I felt sorry that she had to write almost TWO paragraphs tearing me down to make herself feel like a star.

My blog is MY blog, whether one wants to click and read is UP TO THEM. I am not holding a gun to their head and forcing them. So thank heavens she is choosing to not read my blog anymore. She is EVERYTHING I stand against and have been talking about. Kicking people while they are down. Not being compassionate. Not fully taking the time to ask more in depth like some have. She is EVERYTHING I urge young women NOT to be. Everything my blog is about, she is not.

So I complain. SO WHAT! Sue me! Its MY blog. I don't see you doing extra work so I can afford deodorant or reaching out to me in a kind way to make me feel less alone. I NOW see why some people kill themselves and she should be BEYOND ashamed she replied in such a disgusting way.

I will find a job that is meant for me. I will. I know I will because God has NEVER failed me. I refuse to let such negative, nasty, and narcissistic comments be brought on my blog. They WILL be deleted! 

I think if people had more compassion and heart, not just with ME, but with OTHERS, they would be a better person. 

Be kind kiddos.

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Big Mark 243 said..., I must have missed that entry... and I can attest, you do not use your journal to whine about your problems nor do you pose as a victim ... I have no idea of what that lady's (using that term loosely) problem was... you live your life with as much pride and gumption as anyone else... screw her..!