2:28 PM

I am gonna be OKAY. No matter what happens in life, I will okay. Why? Because I am praying. I am a good person. I do no harm and am DOING MY PART!

I am getting interview calls and I know God is gonna find me the perfect fit.

My passion is blogging. It's helping women and when some of you trust me, a stranger, to open up to, what you don't realize is, that I feel less alone on the world. In fact I am NOT alone. My friend Claudia reminded me that I am so loved. Not only from my family, friends, but strangers like you guys who make it a point to let me know I am loved, cared for and make a difference in the world.

I am making a difference by telling MY story. Keeping it as real with you guys and letting you know, I may be smiling, but my life isn't always roses and cream pie. BUT IT'S MY LIFE. It's MY beautiful life.

I have learned these last few months who really is there for me. My "best friend" has been no where to be found and that's okay because God removed her for a purpose. To teach me that not everyone on my boat is rowing. 

God had me date a man who in the short time, to teach me my VALUE.

These are all lessons. I am absorbing them. My life wont always be like this. Some day you will read about how I working and blogging, fall in love with a great man. Some day you will read and smile and say, "She did it, she made it through the storm."

But I want you to know I am thankful for YOU. For showing me nothing but unconditional love, support and kindness. MARK- I read each and every comment. You especially keep me afloat.

I am so grateful for you guys its ridiculous.

I am gonna be okay.

I have family, friends and you!

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