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Losing 119 pounds has changed my world. I often get looked at like I am some superhero, but the truth is, I am just a woman who decided to change her lifestyle. That word “change” is scary right? I know it scared me, so when you feel your little heart get anxious about starting a weight loss journey, I totally feel your anxiety because I have had it and often still have it. 
I get so many questions about weight loss that sometimes when I give them the answer, they look at me like, “Really Stef? That’s it?” Changing your lifestyle is simple. You can’t just dive into it head first. You need to dip one foot in and then the other and then before you know it, you will be swimming! 
Most of you, well all of you, should be well aware that I have lost weight with Weight Watchers. Though I know most cannot afford such a program. I will share some of my tips to help you get one foot in at a time. 
 1. It’s not a diet. The word “diet” is scary. Diets don’t last. It’s a lifestyle change. Again, you can’t fully change all at once. It takes time, just like with anything in life. 
2. Don’t deprive yourself! That is the biggest mistake most people make, thinking they have to give up the foods they love. You don’t. There are many ways to keep eating the foods you love by cooking them differently. Want fried chicken? Try baked or grilled without the skin! Saut√©  your veggies to give them some flavor. Also PORTION CONTROL! Instead of eating three burgers, try one with a side of fruit. 
3. FILL UP! On water, veggies and greens! These will make you full enough to not even want to think about touching a second burger! 
 4. Water is your best friend! Did you know that drinking water can help weight loss? The more water you drink, the more you go to the restroom, which then leads to more fat being lost. Also, 9 out of ten times you are hungry, it's because you are thirsty. Make sure you look at your pee as well. Sounds funny right, but you will tell by your pee color if you are dehydrated. I am all about TEAM CLEAR PEE!
5. GET MOVING! I can’t stress this enough. When I first started my weight loss journey at 264 pounds, I could only walk five minutes a day until I ran out of breathe. Every day I would try my hardest to push it to six minutes of walking and before I knew it, I was walking thirty minutes a day! NOW! I workout five days a week for an hour to two hours! I’m not saying you need to run right away but I encourage you to start walking 5 minutes a day. Soon you will be walking for an hour! Exercise helps with stress, mental illness, depression, physical pain and most of all YOUR HEART! Healthy heart, healthy life! I promise you that if you start will baby steps, you will get BIG changes! 
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