Saturday's with Stef: I could be THEM!

12:00 AM

A few months ago I shared a readers comment on how she stopped reading my blog because  I "whined." Her judgements of me were so negative and I expressed how sad she must have been to say such hurtful things to me.

I forgave her.

But I thought about her today. As I took my mom out for dinner I wanted to tell that girl "Thank you." For saying those hurtful things to me. It fueled my fire and made me believable in God more.

I wake up every day and I thank God. No lie. I go to bed and ask for forgiveness and thank him. I thank him every single day for what he has put me through and what he has given me. Putting that anonymous woman in my path showed me how I will always be criticized. 

How things could be more terrible...I could be HER!

Then it made me think of all the people I never thought I would lose, who betrayed me...

See, I am not saying I am perfect. But I am not them. I could never turn my back on people when they are no longer beneficial to me. I could never put another woman down just to make myself feel better.

And I will NEVER be that woman. Some day when I have a little girl I will instill that value in her as my mom did me. 

To never compete with women but rather build other women up.

I still back and I am so, so, thankful for the blessings and struggles God has given me.

It makes me who I am.

I pray for those who felt the need top be mean to me, cruel to me and leave me in my time of need.

I could be them.

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