REVIEW: Get comfy with Kushyfoot

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Happy Monday kiddos! I am back with Kushyfoot and their Fall collection!! Who doesn't like their feet to be all warm, comfy and taken care of? I know I do!

So inexpensive and so comfy! For just $6.99- $7.49, Kushyfoot continues to present  options that are as durable and comfortable as they are all beautifully presented in a new contemporary package design. 

The Opaque (12200),  Rib (12201), Chevron motif (12202) and Diamond pattern (12203) comprise Kushyfoot's impressive grouping. Fishnet tight (12204) is solution-based, eliminating the “Curse of the Fishnet” by incorporating the incomparable comfort of Kushyfoot’s reflexology-inspired sole in place of the old open-mesh foot.  

 A Fishnet trouser sock (3498) is also available. This combo pack is great to have on hand to wear with pants. 

The  Rib (3499) trouser styles are also sold in a 2 pack combined with a classic trouser sock that provides the variety that women enjoy  for accessorizing. 

 Shaping tights (12205) have the added benefit  of figure and leg enhancement. 

The Fleece lined tights (12206) and Fleece lined trouser socks (3649) add the soft, rich comfort for which fleece is known without the bulk.

The Flats to Go grouping is truly a signature Kushyfoot category.  Savvy women carry around this product in its mini-purse pack everywhere they go! Lightweight and ultra-portable, it’s the perfect solution to achy feet. Ideally used indoors and on smooth surfaces, women are even stashing an extra pair in their cars, suitcases (perfect for airport security and avoiding bare feet in yucky places!) and desk drawers at the office.  

I really do love Kushyfoot products. I am a HUGE fan of their Flats to Go (pictured) All their products provide such comfort and style...something I am very picky about it. 

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Kushyfoot to get you and your legs stylish and comfy ASAP! 

**Disclosure: I was provided a sample from Lipton Publicity ** 

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