12:00 AM

I wish I had all the right words to describe what I am feeling lately. I feel beyond blessed to have a job. I thank God every day I wake up, during the day and before I go to bed, for giving me this job.

Yet I worry Still because it's a temp-to-hire job and I am praying to be hired.

I love my job. I couldn't have asked for a better company, coworkers and environment.

To know it can be taken away from me, is scary. 

Lots of things scare me. 

Not having the stability I crave and desire.

Someday I wanna come home from work and be greeted by my kids and dog. I want my husband to come home and kiss me. To spend Friday nights ordering pizza and catching a movie on Red Box. 

I want that love.

I know someday it will all fall into place and I will think about days like this in which I had prayed for it.

I also know God is going to watch over me. He has the steering wheel and I know he is going to take care of me.

For I am his child.

I hope they hire me. I hope I get to stay around this positive environment and continue to help my family.

For I am HIS child.

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