SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: The Past is Out of Prison

8:24 PM

The past came out of prison. He added me and my brother.Denied. I spent MANY years putting myself back together after he broke me. Yes, I forgive him. However, his newly found freedom does scare me. 

What does he want with me? Hurt me again? What is gonna happen when he does find me? Besides stick his feces in my mouth, death probably is the next option.

Do I think he will hurt me? No. Then again, all those years I loved him and I confused the abuse with love, it's a possibility. 

I make jokes to my friends and family. Even to my boyfriend, "If I go missing or if my body is found...he's to blame"

I am not going to live my life in fear though. I have proven that you can knock me down and still I rise. I am bulletproof. 

I am so tired of watching my back. So tired of negativity from people who hide behind computers.

Sick and tired.

I am happy. Let me be happy. I have two jobs. An amazing family. An amazing boyfriend. Friends who love me. I am so freaking rich.

My past made me who I am. Again, if telling my story makes me victim...OH WELL. I survived what many don't and I will continue to stand up and be the voice for those who cant stand up or have a voice. 

The past WILL NOT affect my future.

I am untouchable!

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