12:46 PM

My Friday nights have been swapped out for nights at friends houses for nights in bed watching thr I.D channel. 

I forget that most of my friends are still single and living their own life. Who wants to hang around with a pregnant woman? Not many and thats okay. My priorities have changed drastically since last year.

I am scared. Everything I have ever wanted came to fruition this year. It's not easy. I struggle. Relationships are not easy and every day it is work.Growing a baby is work. NOT easy-peasy as some make it out to be.
But I am grateful. Beyond grateful.  

But scared.


The Low Country Socialite said...

You are amazing girl. You're gonna be a spectacular mom!

Unknown said...

Don't worry girl! Everything will be falling into place and less harder! It's all worth it <3 Trust me

864 said...

For some reason, I stopped getting your blog posts. Just wanted to say congratulations. You never gave up on your dreams and your future. I'm glad things are going well.

Leah Michael said...

Thanks for this blog postt