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I wish I had a new story to tell you Postpartum depression is no joke. I sometimes feel so empty inside but then I look at my son and my heart fills with joy.

I am so thankful Daniel truly loves me.

I am so thankful I have family to help me out.

This phase in my life is so confusing.

As much as I love being with my son, I am starting to think about getting another job. Have some adult interaction. Does this make sense? I talk baby all day. Don't get me wrong. Its the best kind of talk. 

Maybe I need adult interactuon. Which I do get from Daniel and my family but you know what I am talking about. I just want a job I LOVE. Not some job I dread going into.

Will I ever find my role in the job world? Or was I meant to be on my own job wise?

I hope he grows up to be something great in the world. Go to school and get a job he loves. Be successful and never depend on anyone.

I hope he doesnt follow in my footsteps,

I sure have made a ton of mistakes school wise and job wise.


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Unknown said...

I know exactly how you feel...... Unlike you .... I didn't realize I was suffering from depression until YEARS later ... I also couldn't understand why, with a house full of love, a husband whore adores me, two (now 3) sweet beautiful babies , I could feel so alone .... I felt bad for feeling that way.... I felt as if I had lost my friends ( who are single and no kids).... I didn't have anyone to talk to about... So j would just cry.... Some days it was fine and I was happy and other days I was sad...... Going back to work helped because like you said .... We need adult interaction, we need time away....I hope you get better..... I'm still working thru it..... I met a friend they my husband and she has kids.... I think that's what I needed.... I needed to mom date..... I think that's what you should do too ..... You need mom friends in your life , if you don't have any now