Saturday's With Stef: Mom Friends

9:17 PM

Saturday night, and I am sitting here watching my son sleep. Crazy what my Saturday nights have turned into. This time last year, I was pregnant and no one but immediately family knew. The year before THAT, It was always 9 pm when I would start getting ready to head out with a friends.

You know, they always joked about that when you have kids, friends disappear. Well...the real friends do. But the ones who aren't so real, did. Those were the fun to hang around "Friends". Yes, I will put that in quotations. I realized, they were never friends.

I went to the doctor sometime this past week and she said something to me that struck a cord. "Don't you have any girlfriends to have a girls night out with?" I said, "Not really, once I got pregnant, I became the pregnant friend while they went about their child-less freedom and nights out." She looked a little shocked but more dumbfounded.

Maybe she never experienced this. She did come off as the doctor, who just so happens to be a mom as well, that is a social butterfly. 

I was once a social butterfly. 

A friend of mine once told me I won't get friends back until Noah joins a sport or goes to school. I'll have mom friends then. He's way too little to be at the playground with my mom friends who have older children now.

I talk baby all day and often cry because I yearn for an adult conversation. I sit there and talk Daniel's ear off. I would say, "Poor thing" but he can talk mine off too once he gets home.

I know this friend drought won't last long.

I get it. It's a phase...

It is a phase right? lol


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Unknown said...

Hi Stef! I know we don't talk much anymore but reading this reminded me that I'm not alone in this "friendless mommy world". ALL my friends vanished.. My friends consist of my babies and also talking Joel's ear off..