REVIEW: Berkshire Leggings

9:15 PM

Hey! Hey! Hey! Im back and I am back with a review on Berkshire tights. First  let me tell you to the weather here in Los Angeles. It's been almost 100 degrees in October and now November! Gahhh! I wore the fishnets once but have no pics unfortunately. However, I have an honest review and that you can count on!

I love Berkshire tights. Actually, love is an understatement. I really do LOVE these. Berkshire tights are so comfy and they feel like butter on your legs. With that combo, you cant go wrong! 

This entire Berkshire collection is made to fit properly for all sizes and shapes. And did you know, many of Berkshire's manufacturing processes are still done by hand.
This 2016 Berkshire Collection features gives an amazing variety of legwear choices for EVERY preference, occasion and need. They come in regular, plus and maternity sizing with many style options. We all love options! And we all love legwear that can dress up our outfit for any occasion!
I absolutely loved the fishnets. They were sexy yet so comfortable. And I never like wearing leggings but I swear by Berkshire!
Like I do with all of my other posts, I have to keep it real with you. I moved and got sick and unfortunately made you guys miss on the 15% discount that was offered to you guys. I am so sorry!
However, you can head over to their website and pick out the perfect leggings for your Fall and Winter

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