Girls' Night In

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Summer is setting in, and for a lot of us that means more darting around to various activities, and more time outdoors. It’s a lovely time of year, and who doesn’t like being outside? Even so, summer can also be exhausting in its own way, and every now and then it’s nice to just calm down and spend a night in.

You can cool off, relax, ,enjoy your friends and some in-home activities, and get back to your busy summer schedule the next morning. Here are a few suggestions of how to have a fun night at home with your girlfriends when the weather heats up.

Do Makeovers

We may as well start off girly, right? A summer night in with makeup kits out and mirrors all around is a nice nostalgia kick to the teenage days when you and your friends were just discovering how to apply your own makeup. Sure it’s silly, but you can have a lot of fun with it if you have the right friends around. Plus, you can add a new component to a home makeover party these days thanks to technology (of course). There are a whole bunch of different makeup and styling apps that are amazingly and surprisingly useful, and can make this kind of evening in even more fun for everyone.

Play Games

To go less “girly,” let’s talk about the idea of having your friends over and playing video games together! A few years ago surveys started to show that more women play video games than men, so maybe this is still on the girly spectrum. Whatever the case, there aren’t many better ways to simply let go of your day-to-day worries and relax than to spend a few hours in front of the PlayStation. Pick your poison: an old Mario game, a competitive multiplayer, a vast open world… there’s no end to the escapism!

Have A Casino Night

Sticking with gaming, but turning off the Xbox, you could also have a fun little casino night with some friends. It’s a good excuse to socialize, and maybe have a drink or two. A deck of cards and some poker chips can go a long way, but these days it’s also pretty easy to tap into some other options. You can find a free slot machine to play on an iPad, and you can even find a bunch of roulette games online where they’re largely popular because they’re accessible to players of any skill level. You can set up different types of games around a living room, and then you just need to decide what to bet with. I’d recommend Hershey’s kisses or M&Ms.

Go Nuts With Treats

A lot of girls’ night in recommendations tend to focus on baked goods, sweet treats, and cocktails. So why not go nuts with all these ideas at once? Put together a list of ingredients and divide them up so everyone brings a few things, then lay it all out and have fun putting things together. You probably won’t want to get into particularly involved baking or cooking, but it’ll be fun to see what everyone comes up with, and you and your friends may end up with new favorite desserts and cocktails in the process! Even better, pick one or two people as judges and turn it into your own version of the Great British Bake Off.

Watch Movies

Is this ever a bad idea? No. The answer is no. The only problem is figuring out what you want to watch, but you can sort of make a game of this. These days there are sites that work like random movie pickers, where you can narrow down your interests and genre preferences, then leave the decision up to chance. If you have some time, it’s a lot fun to do this for a handful of movies and go through three in one night.

You get the idea. This list could go on and on with different ideas of how to spend some fun time with your best friends. Just think about what you and your friends like best, and you'll quickly realize that you don't have to go out or spend a lot of money to have a fun night together. Get creative and you can make sure that your summer will be cool no matter how hot it gets.

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