Saturday's with Stef: My Freedom

12:00 AM

I sometimes miss the freedom I had. I could just pick up anytime I wanted and go somewhere without me having to take 30 minutes to get out the door. I miss the days when I could lay in bed and watch TV without any disruptions. Or take a poop in silence.

Yes, sometimes I miss my freedom. Does that make me a bad mom? No. I am 100% positive ALL moms feel this way. HELL! I am positive that my mom feels this way at times when I just wanna linger around her. Mind you, I am 31 years old. Sorry mom. 

See, as much as I miss my freedom. I don't. I absolutely look at my son in amazement. I made a little human being. He's funny, smart and incredibly adventurous. I was born for him...does that make sense?

I am LIVING! I don't have the energy to be out at all hours of the night anymore. In fact, I can't remember the last time I was drunk lol. I always tell Daniel, "Im gonna have two beers!" and he laughs because after one, I wanna lay in bed and cuddle with my two boys (Daniel and Noah). 

I know as he gets older, it will get easier for me to get out of the house within 10 minutes...I think lol. But I wish some people knew that as much as I miss my freedom and them....I rather be with my son.

I don't know if this blog even makes sense! Here I am talking about how much I miss my freedom and then I'm contradicting myself saying how much I rather give up my freedom for my son.

Is this motherhood? Lol

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