Thursday, August 10, 2017

REVIEW and Giveaway: Thinkbaby: Baby Body Care Essentials

If you have a kid like me, a kid who loves the outdoors and getting dirty, then you will love this! I am super picky about Noah's products. But when Thinkbaby and Think Sports reached out to me about spreading some Baby awareness, I couldn't say no. I just love them.

Then set me the Baby Body Care Essential set. It comes with 

-Thinkbaby Shampoo and body wash: Which comes with a pump so you can keep one hand on your little one at all times. It's also tear free!

-Thinkbaby Bubble Bath: Which Noah loved! It has safe chemicals and keeps your little one clean and happy

-Thinkbaby lotion: Which doesn't leave your baby feeling oily at all.

-Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF +50: Which has the Highest SPF, water resistance and UVA/UVB coverage allowed by the FDA. 

This set was amazing for days Noah would play in the sun and have to come in to take a bath! I don't trust anyone else with my sons body care than Thinkbaby!

I love it so much that I am giving ONE lucky winner 4 sets ! Yes, you read that right!

All you have to do is enter below!

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