Maple Holistics : Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

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Hi guys! Welcome back! lol Well as you all know I am a HUGE fan of Maple Holistics. They sent me a bottle of their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and I am in LOVE!

The smell is amazing and so therapeutic. As a mom, I always need that "Me time" to relax. Especially in the shower! lol So this fragrance really made me relaxed. 

The Tea Tree Oil Shampoo helps your hair , scalp health, can help with dandruff and flaking, soothes an irritated scalp, helps slow down hair  and promotes hair growth! Talk about benefits galore!

Now you're probably wondering, "That's cool Stef, but what is in it? what makes it different from all the other shampoos?"

Great question! The Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is made up of : Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil.

I can pronounce ALL those! Which is a huge plus!

This shampoo was everything! It made my hair feel clean, smell amazing and soothed my scalp.

It totally lived up to its potential and I high recommend it!

You can find it HERE

Pssttt....Its on sale right now (winks)

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