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A woman can never own "too many" panties! But do you have magical panties?

Yes, I am calling these "Magical Panties" but they are really are from Modibodi.

This Australian brand is for EVERY woman, no matter your shape, size, sexuality and color! Modibodi is about mentioning the "unmentionable." Isn't it weird how we only talk about period leakage when it comes to Kotex and Tampons? What if I told you there is a panty that eliminates the hassle of feminine hygiene products during your period or just flat out pee leakage! Come on mamas. You know that's a plus!

Yes, you read that right!

Modibodi underwear uses technology in the lining that provides period protection, eliminating tampon and pad use but also protects against those sneaky pee-leaks that many mama’s experience from pelvic issues.

Modibodi has a three-layer component; a top layer that quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops odors, a middle layer that quickly absorbs fluid and locks it away (up to 20mls absorbency) and a third bottom layer allowing for extra waterproof protection, ensuring that a woman is at her most secure and confident and is reassured that she will not leak through any of her clothing!

Okay girls! I was skeptical at first and was very intrigued yet hesitant. But when I felt the lining in these panties, I felt so assured. It's not thick or bulgy and its rather soft and comfortable.

I'm a mom, so my bladder sometimes leaks when I run, jump or just plain out laugh. No shame!

This protected me 100%! I told Daniel, "I peed!" in the middle of a laughing matter and he couldn't even tell looking at my light blue jeans!


Modibodi has nine collections and all collections have sizes XS to 6XL. Their collections go from active, maternity to pre-teen!

Talk about variety!

Modibodi is now available online in the U.S. and available on Amazon USA!

I got the sensual high-waist bikini

but you can find Modibodi at:

and on Amazon (HERE)

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