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12:00 AM

Okay you guys, I know I told you about gaining 30ish pounds and posted myself half naked. I don’t think my mama liked that lol SORRY MOM! But I felt it was super important for me to show you that I am human. Iget comments like, “You look amazing!” And all thosebeautiful things...with clothes on. I appreciate them all. It gasses me up.

But I truly am uncomfortable. How I let myself get  back to 172 is beyond me. Well, not really. I’m an emotional eater. You’d think after so many years that I’d have it down. I did! Then I had Noah!  That totally switched me up.

He’s a handful y’all and requires my attention to the fullest. So I’m literally forgetting about making healthier choices. When he throws a tantrum , I eat. 

I’m with him 24/7! Even though I work part time. He goes with me to work. 

The only help I get is from my mom and Daniel. I just don’t drop him off anywhere and daycare is not in ourbudget at the moment. 

So the blame is 100% me.  

FML Stef! Growth is hard as hell! I’m growing to be a better mom, wife, daughter , sister and just overall human. 

So moms, especially moms who have their kids 24/7...what advice can you all share ? 


A mom trying to lose weight 

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