WW Wednesday

10:43 AM


Happy WW Wednesday!

So today I am showing you my 7sp Cherry dump cake. Which could have been LESS points if I had used FRESH fruit. I was being lazy and honestly, the cherry filling was cheaper (YOLO!)

Anyways, just want to make it clear- YOU CAN REDUCE THE POINTS BY USING FRESH FRUIT!

What you will need:

Sugar free cake mix
1 1/2 cup of diet soda
Fruit of your choice 

(See picture above) 


Grease the pan and DUMP your fruit at the bottom.



Dump the cake mix on top



Dump the diet soda on top of the cake


It should bubble up like this. I dumped it evenly onto the mix 



Bake! I had set mine at 350 and checked after 20 minutes like Most said to do and it still wasn’t done. Waited 1 hour and still wasn’t done. Finally put it on 450 and it was done in 30 

So I’m not sure what the exact temperature or time is.So the advice I give is 450 and thirty minutes lol PLAYWITH IT though lol 


I added halo top to mine 


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Big Mark 243 said...

Dang, Stephanie... been a minute since I last heard from you..! So many questions but first, I hope you are doing well..! Anywho, glad to see that you remembered the blog and maybe we can collab on the fitness/well-being tip..!