Mask Monday!

12:40 PM

I picked this mask up from Daiso. If you aren’t familiarwith Daiso, it’s a Japanese store that is amazing! 

I got the Green Tea Facial Mask.

When you take it out of the packet, it’s slimey lol but it’s also cold! Which is always good if it’s a mask to help you relax. Plus I was out all day in the sun, so it feltso refreshing.

This is the mask applied. Like it said, it is slimey and does smell like green tea!

I let it sit for 20 minutes. It sorta burned my face. The directions was to remove the mask and NOT wash your face. But I had too. It was just too much for my skin.

It was drying but I also felt my face burn more. So I washed it off. It was a good thing to know , that I don’t do well with this particular mask. I will try more from their line though. I have sensitive skin. 

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