Review: Footnanny

10:32 PM

Hey! Hey! Hey! So on WW you get what we call “Wellness Wins” these are points for tracking your food and activity. Extra 50 if you check into a workshop. 

I’ve been wanting a foot cream. So I cashed out and got this beauty!

You guys, this foot cream is amazing! It’s pricey for those who pay out of pocket but it is amazing! My feet feel so soft after applying it. You only need a little too. Granted I do use a pumice stone in the shower and twice a day, this was just the cherry on top! Goes on almost like water but thicker and leaves your feet feeling so soft! 

I am definitely a Footnanny fan now! They come in all sorts of smells. I got the Eucalyptus because I just love that smell. There’s others I want to try.

Head on over to FOOTNANNY

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