REVIEW: PhotoWall

2:34 PM

Hi Guys! Im back again with another review! So, we are stuck in qaurantine and what better way to pass time than to start hanging up pictures!

I was asked to work with PhotoWall and honestly, it was the best experience ever. Even though I delayed with my post (Sorry guys) it was amazing!

Shipping was fast and they even give you options!

You have the option to order a Canvas Print, Posters, Wall paper, and Wall murals. As much as I wanted to get wallpaper I had to opt for a Canvas Print. 

They even frame your picture. Which is done so beautifully.

As I said, please don't hesitate with shipping. They deliver it with a tracking code and even though coming from overseas, it arrived within days of ordering.

And guess what? You get a discount. Just use IFCURVESCOULDTALK at checkout and get 25% off. 

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viki said...

The collage pictures are so adorable. Love it.