Review : Wubble Rumblers new WWF and Avengers characters!

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Hey! Hey! Hey! I know it’s been a hot minute but I’m adjusting to a second time mom life and guess what? My little Noah started school! Huge adjustments here on my side! Especially with Noah! So I was really psyched to be able to surprise him with New Wubble Rumblers

I  received three for Noah to review (me too) and it went like this! 

Spider- Man

I was really excited for this one but unfortunately ours came with many holes that patches just didn’t help with. However, he still loved playing it .

You can find this Wubble Rumbler Spider- Man at Target HERE.

WWE Randy Orton

Randy came a little deflated but all in all- this was Noah’s second favorite! I think because of the muscles haha

You can find WWE Randy Orton at Target HERE . 

The Hulk

The Hulk was Noah’s favorite. He legit won’t let ir go and it stand in the corner of our hallway, sometimes creeping me out. Lol. But he had so much fun with it!

See! Lol you can find The Hulk at Target HERE

We Love Wubble Rumblers! 

They are great entertainment for the kids, usually sturdy and great quality , but even then Noah didn’t complain. He loves ruffing them up! They make great gifts for any occasion! Birthdays, Easter baskets, Christmas and honestly- JUST BECAUSE!

Wubble products can be purchased at and Wubble Rumblers retail for $12.99.

DISCLOSURE:  This product was sent to me for review and all the opinions are solely mine. 


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