Saturday, September 11, 2021

Review: Life Vac

One of my biggest fears is choking. (Especially with Noah being Noah, always jumping around, laughing while eating.) If you’re like me, you panic in situations- then you feel me. I pray I never have to be in this situation, but if so, LIFE VAC  has my back. 

LifeVac can be used on adults and children.  Comes with three different mask: A practice  mask, a pediatric mask & an adult mask.  The practice of me is so helpful because you can practice your little heart away so you can get familiar with the Life Vac 

✨ The unit is placed over the nose and mouth to create a suction to remove the obstruction. Three “P’s” - place, push, and pull. 

Just like a spare tire, fire extinguisher, or even a first aid kit- the Life Vac is a MUST for your home. The best part is, you can take it with you! 

Life Vac  has saved 168 lives thus far- and that number will only grow. Be prepared and equip yourself and your family with a Life Vac 


Get your life Today here:

Disclaimer: Life Vac was given to me by Rising suns agency to share with you guys ❤️✨

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