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I know I go M.I.A, but being a mom of two, is really time consuming. However toys are a huge part of our life, especially my six year old sons. 

Introducing #Boneless !

#Boneless a line of electric-powered, mini skateboards with poseable skaters and stunt playsets. Stunts galore! The skateboards come with a power charger that quick-charges the board within seconds. Kids can twist and bend the #Boneless skaters and pose them in different positions to get that perfect stunt and trick!

Can we talk about how cool these little skaters are! Noah got Mia, Booker and Ryan


He was also so stoked about the the sets that it comes with, I mean, just like a skate park!

This is the #Boneless CrayPlay SuperStreet Skate Park (Found HERE)

Here is the #Boneless CrayPlay Big-Air Mega Ramp (Found HERE)

But I must say, he was really tripping out over the action Figures

Each figure set includes a skater, skateboard, charging base and collectible deck (Batteries not included). With four play sets to choose from, kids can simulate skateboard tricks and stunts.

Noah, told me that they are suppose to get back up on their own in the commercial...these did not. Other than that, They did skate around the "park" and go down the ramp to do a stunt. Which was pretty cool to see myself. 

Overall, Noah lobed this set and was so excited he got it. He said he had been wanting it lol.

For more information you can look HERE (

Or in the links above at Target! 

DISCLOSURE:  This product was sent to me for review and all the opinions are solely mine. 

Review: Laser X Revolution 2-player Micro Blasters & Laser X Equalizer

3:58 PM

We love a good laser game! So when I received these I knew Noah would be stoked. Nina is still so little to play with, so it’s us who gets to join in on the fun!

First up! 

Laser X revolution 2-Player micro-blasters

These micro blasters are not new to us, but we LOVE THEM! It is LASER TAG in the comfort of your own home!


  • Set equips 2 players with Laser X Revolution Micro Blasters
  • Blast opponents up to 200 feet away
  • Blaster to blaster play –Play as teams or individuals
  • Choose from 10 different team colors
  • Sounds and lighting effects keep track of your shots and hits
  • Does NOT use a real laser; Infrared beam is not visible

  • You can find these HERE on the Target website/app for $14.99

    But guess what?

    It can be paired with the Laser X Equalizer!

    So what is the Laser X Equalizer?


  • Toss it through the air or place it on the ground. Blast the disk to blast opponents within a 50-foot radius!

  • Works with all Laser X Blasters (blasters not included)

  •                      The Laser X Equalizer goes for $12.99 at Target HERE

    These are great entertainment for the kids and adults for holidays!

    DISCLOSURE:  This product was sent to me for review and all the opinions are solely mine. 

    REVIEW: All Pro Passer

    3:46 PM

    Wooo! We are loaded today with some goodies! 

    So let’s start! 

    All Pro Passer 

    I was genuinely impressed with this toy. At first I was skeptical because how fun could this be! But Noah had a blast. It does require C batteries , which I didn’t have, so I had to run to the store to get.

    Noah loved it though! 

    So what are the highlights of this?

    -It acts as the best quarterback,  Programmed with the skills of an actual pro quarterback, throws a perfect spiral each time, 9 different passing zones and 100 plays and more, launches the ball over 25 yards!

    How cool Is that?

    You can find your own HERE at Target for $49.99 

    or for  $49.97 at Walmart HERE 

    It makes a great Christmas Gift!

    *DISCLOSURE:  This product was sent to me for review and all the opinions are solely mine. 

    Review: Life Vac

    7:40 AM

    One of my biggest fears is choking. (Especially with Noah being Noah, always jumping around, laughing while eating.) If you’re like me, you panic in situations- then you feel me. I pray I never have to be in this situation, but if so, LIFE VAC  has my back. 

    LifeVac can be used on adults and children.  Comes with three different mask: A practice  mask, a pediatric mask & an adult mask.  The practice of me is so helpful because you can practice your little heart away so you can get familiar with the Life Vac 

    ✨ The unit is placed over the nose and mouth to create a suction to remove the obstruction. Three “P’s” - place, push, and pull. 

    Just like a spare tire, fire extinguisher, or even a first aid kit- the Life Vac is a MUST for your home. The best part is, you can take it with you! 

    Life Vac  has saved 168 lives thus far- and that number will only grow. Be prepared and equip yourself and your family with a Life Vac 


    Get your life Today here:

    Disclaimer: Life Vac was given to me by Rising suns agency to share with you guys ❤️✨

    Review : Wubble Rumblers new WWF and Avengers characters!

    9:55 PM

    Hey! Hey! Hey! I know it’s been a hot minute but I’m adjusting to a second time mom life and guess what? My little Noah started school! Huge adjustments here on my side! Especially with Noah! So I was really psyched to be able to surprise him with New Wubble Rumblers

    I  received three for Noah to review (me too) and it went like this! 

    Spider- Man

    I was really excited for this one but unfortunately ours came with many holes that patches just didn’t help with. However, he still loved playing it .

    You can find this Wubble Rumbler Spider- Man at Target HERE.

    WWE Randy Orton

    Randy came a little deflated but all in all- this was Noah’s second favorite! I think because of the muscles haha

    You can find WWE Randy Orton at Target HERE . 

    The Hulk

    The Hulk was Noah’s favorite. He legit won’t let ir go and it stand in the corner of our hallway, sometimes creeping me out. Lol. But he had so much fun with it!

    See! Lol you can find The Hulk at Target HERE

    We Love Wubble Rumblers! 

    They are great entertainment for the kids, usually sturdy and great quality , but even then Noah didn’t complain. He loves ruffing them up! They make great gifts for any occasion! Birthdays, Easter baskets, Christmas and honestly- JUST BECAUSE!

    Wubble products can be purchased at and Wubble Rumblers retail for $12.99.

    DISCLOSURE:  This product was sent to me for review and all the opinions are solely mine. 


    Review: Laser X Revolution

    11:25 AM

    Hey! Hey! Hey! I am back with another review! With Covid, keeping Noah entertained has been quite a challenge. So when I received Laser X Revolution, he was so happy. 

    It's like having Laser Tag in your very own home! You can blast opponents up to 300 ft away, choose between 20 different team colors, play In the dark or in the light, and has a voice coach just in case you need those extra tips on how to catch your opponent.

    Since my oldest stepson is now officially working and driving , Noah played with dad and they had a blast! Definitely a game for adults too!

    You can find Laser X Revolution at Target (HERE) Or at 

    DISCLOSURE:  This product was sent to me for review and all the opinions are solely mine. 

    Review: Wubble Rumblers !!

    3:59 PM

    Wubble Bubble Rumblers are the new addtion to the Wubble Bubble Family! The Rumblers inflate to three feet tall!  They are squishy, squashy, soft and 400 times more elastic than a typical inflatable –  because they are from the makers of the Super Wubble Bubble Ball! 

    The styles include :


    Found HERE



    Found HERE

    Fist or Karate Hand
    (We received the Fist)

    Found HERE

    Noah loved knocking them, bopping them and overall-beating them up!

    They were sturdy and endured his fist of fury without getting any holes on them. They made for a great way to release some energy (because lets face it- us mamas love when they get tired lol )

    Noah also received an extra Wubble Bubble Product

    Tiny Wubble Fulla Marbles!

    Found HERE

    These are great gifts for Christmas and really any occasion.

    DISCLOSURE:  This product was sent to me for review and all the opinions are solely mine.