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There are times when I stare at myself and think, "Not cool." There are times when I don't feel beautiful, I don't feel wanted, loved, and alone. This happens to most of us. Especially us Curvy women. Sometimes it feels like we are in this world alone and no one will ever want us. 
So how do we get out of that stinkin' thinkin'? Well, I have learned that affirmations are a BIG part to starting off my day. In fact so big I have a white board with a few written on it to remind me that I am valuable. Most of all, I am WORTH IT...

As you can see I listed on MY affirmation board (pictured):

You are amazing.
You are gorgeous.
You are wanted.
You are loved.
You are adored.
You are cared for.
You are beautiful.
You are lovable.
Yours may be different then mine obviously, but these are affirmations sometimes I forget.

So why are affirmations important. Well, for example, lets say your best friend told you EVERY DAY just how wonderful you are, wouldn't it feel good? It does feel good! Affirmations tend to have a similar affect, that serve to enter information in your subconscious.Affirmations are ALWAYS positive -I think the world would be depressed if they weren't! 

So do you have affirmations?

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