My Clear Skin

12:06 AM

So many people Stop and ask me what I use to keep my skin clear. Which by the way, isn't always clear. Yes, I too get break-outs. Not badly, just a pimple here and there. However, people seem to think I use all sorts of products. My Answer: NO. I have tried products that stop acne like Stridex pads and AcneFree. Both have dried my face out SEVERELY. AcneFree in fact gave me a skin burn....NOT COOL! I tend to suffer well, aside from the obvious (pimples) also oily skin.
So what do I use? Two things: 
1) Dial Antibacterial Soap. Not only does it cleanse my face thoroughly, but prevents it from shining. It dries out my skin a tad bit, however, the drying out also prevents pimples. I swear by this bar of soap. 

2)Clean & Clear's "Deep cleaning Astringent for Sensitive Skin."
This catches any dirt the soap may have left behind. My face feels refreshed after I use this.

So what exactly is my ritual. Well, when I shower I use the bar of soap and when I get out I use a cotton ball to apply the astringent.  I typically do this twice a day (Other people vary) 

So what do you use to keep your face clean?


Stephie J said...

Im the same.. people ask me what i do to have such clear skin lol.. but also can the random zit.

I use the body shop Vitamin E line and LOOOOOVE IT!

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I use Pharmagel, cleanser and moisturizer. I also use Nioxin (a hair product that originally started out for skin.) Both work great on my skin.

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