The High Heel Hunter!

12:12 AM

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE high heels but, yes there is a BUT I never wear them! I just like to buy them! Let's face it, high heels are expensive and usually the ones that are LEAST expensive are not that pretty. However, I am a HUGE fan of Ross Dress For Less. I will hunt down a pretty pair of high heels at a low-cost. I find them too! So I would like to share with you my heels, which are my findings. Any of the high heels pictured are either Steve Madden or Dollhouse and Guess what?! All less than $40! You read it...LESS THAN $40! 


Traci Marie Wolf said...


Traci Marie Wolf said...

Who cares if you never wear them, a great looking pair of heels is like art.