Weigh-In # 1 : -3.4 pounds

12:52 PM

I lost 3.4 pounds! 
*Go Stef! Go Stef!*
This whole counting POINTS is not new to me, however, I found it difficult. I cannot, I repeat, I CANNOT resist Coca-Cola...I LOVE SODA! Especially Coca-Cola. Could I have done better? Yeah. I mean, I could have not ate a few things. I could have not drank some Coke. But I did. That is the beauty of this plan. As long as I lose, I am doing just fine. So many always ask me, how much do you plan to get to? Well...honestly, I have F boobs, major booty and hips...so those have to be taken in account. My DESIRED weight is 150. I WOULD LOVE to weigh 150. 
So, what is your desired weight?
Many also asks me what keeps me motivated. Well, its my mom. When you have a weight-loss buddy, losing weight is ALWAYS easier! My mom is the one who reminds me that I don't need that brownie. So a partner is a PLUS! Also, I know many cannot afford Weight Watchers, so here are a few tips:
1- PORTION CONTROL: Always check the back of the products. Remember, to also look for the servings. EX: Lets pretend a snickers is 370 calories, it will say amount per-servings 1 , Amount per package 2. Therefore it is 370 for only 1 serving when the package contains two! So double up on calories if you eat it!
2- WATER: Drink water, you will and can get full. Most time when someone thinks they are hungry, it is just your body saying, "Water please!"
3- EXERCISE: I HATE exercises...so what I do, and if you are like me, I park my car further away from my destination. Therefore I have to walk. Or I return the shopping cart back to the store instead of using the cart holders in the middle of the parking lots while shopping.
4-BUDDY UP: Having a partner for that extra encouragement is always a PLUS! Where there is encouragement there is a better chance of losing.
5- TRACK: Track what you eat in a food diary (journal) it will give you a better perspective what your do's and don'ts are. Also, it is a good reminder of your strength and weaknesses. 
Do you have any tips you'd like to share?


Stephanie said...

Conrgats love!! How is the WW coming along???

My ideal (realistic) weight would be around 165 - And i'm hoping/wishing/praying that I can get to that by May, my birthday *sigh* - I've gotta lost about...84 lbs :( :(

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

You can do it Steph! I love it!

Momo said...

I used to do weight watchers but had to stop because of the price (it's actually a bit more expensive here in Canada). I did lose 35lbs on it though and probably will start up again in a couple of months. As for exercise, have you ever tried Zumba? I've been doing it for the last little while and it really gets your heart racing and you're sweating buckets by the end of it but it doesn't seem like "exercise". It's more like you're dancing and it really gets your endorphins going so you actually enjoy doing it and look forward to doing it again. Just a little tip if you ever wanted to add more exercise into your plan. :)