7 point Pita Tacos!

12:35 AM

Last night my mom and I got creative. We were craving tacos but wanted to make it different than just having a plain taco shell. So we used pita!
Pita bread 
(Fat:1, Carbohydrates:26, protein: 4, Fiber:1= 4pts)

Ground beef
(Portions vary, see WW site for points. I used 3 oz. )

Taco seasoning
(0 pts)

(optional- 0 pts) 
(optional- 0 pts) 

(optional- Also varies, I did not use cheese on mine)

(optional- 0 pts) 
Total= 7 points
It was Delish!

What are some of you favorite meals that are low on the calorie scale?

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Stephie J said...

Have u tried the "no pudge" fudge brownies?? OMG when i was on WW they were one point!