TRIED to go Shopping

3:24 PM

So I walked into a store, ready for a new blouses or two. I searched the racks, high and low. I am gonna be honest. I have HUGE boobs. HUGE! So I have to get stuff that doesn't make em look "Stuffed"...does that make sense? So I searched, found a few things. Cute blouses, that were just ADORABLE. I go try em on and THEY DIDN'T FIT! I either looked like a balloon, whale, or Barney! I was so depressed. I started crying in the dressing room. I walked out of the store, just sad. Nothing fit. How could that be? I am losing weight. It just boggled me. So I went about my day and realized...I am in my "In-between" stage. The stage where your body is adjusting to weight loss. Not that I have lost major weight since  I started weight watchers, but 5 pounds, is a decent amount. Do any of you have or had this problem too?


Stephie J said...

I hate the stuffed look :(

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Hang in there, losing weight is like getting over a breakup. You can do it fast by compromising. Or slow and really get over it. Before you know it, you'll be able to shop happily.