VLOG: Is Weight an Issue? (An oldie Vlog)

12:21 AM


Paul Meuse said...

Hola, I just came onto these blogs and saw ur video(car)w/out my morning/afternoon coffee.
The answer is simple and complex:- ...i.e what do we look at first. I the woman is past me(I'm 60 so not hittin on you:- and I only see her back...then that's what I see.

But, the face and especially the eyes(windows to the soul) are No.1 the eyes are most important...they tell a lot.
I also look at the way a person carries themselves...walks...
A sense of humour is very important.
But, the eyes are the most important above all of what can be seen at a first glance.
take Care

Unknown said...

hey girl! thank you for leaving some love on my blog!! :) great post btw, <3 havea great day.xox

BBM said...

stef - lol, i so want to know wat ure saying in this vlog. my speakers at work is not workin! cant wait to check it out tonight though! lol!

Melissa said...

Stumbled upon your blog and just have to say I feel ya pain all the way in NYC jejejeje I am also on the weight lost journey and it has not be easy because LIFE throws a lot - Financial problems, Relationship problems, Etc etc I can go on and on but ya know what I mean

anyways GOOD LUCK on your journey I look forward to reading your post

--Ex Fat gIRL

BBM said...

ok so i watched ure vlog with speakers last night girl! ure funny, raw, and real! i do think guys sees weight in girls as an issue. BUT. i believe that we curvy girls has the power to change their mentalities by how we carry ourselves. CONFIDENCE is key.

Right From Jump Street said...

Hola, Stef, saw video again cuz realized I didn't answer 1 question. Is weight an issue.I've gone out with twiggys long ago(110 lsb.no name: J-an OMW Other Man's Wife:- & the next 1 was G-OMW(in my 20s).G was much, much nicer, but it was because how SHE was-her person.great fun to be with.sense of humour...seen also non-OMW's..always it was a matter of how the relationship was between 2people.
I've often told friends about a woman...'she'll be nice when she fills out like a woman. Irony is my ex always worried i'd rather a small woman, but it was how she felt about herself. It's like G, or E or D they felt good about self.that makes a difference. It's how the person feels.
But, it has 2B deeper than does a man like a bigger woman.it's a matter of if she or he gains or loses, gets sick or whatever...if there is love between the two...that is what matters & should sustain them. didn't know how to put foto on.it's on blog Ciao