Bras ! Bras! Bras!

12:34 AM

Bras! I HATE bra shopping! In fact it had been over 2 years since I bought a new bra. 2 YEARS! So I went shopping at THE AVENUE. I found such beautiful bras. Only 2 are pictured, but I got 3. I love the Tuxedo bras. Not only do they hold my girls up, but they look sexy on me!
Where do you go shopping for bras?

Do you like a certain type of bra?


B said...

I hate bra shopping too. I went a few weeks ago. Ugh. My bras are nowhere near that sexy. I get the ones that are full coverage so that I don't get any slippage. And the only places that have bras like that department stores....Macy's, J.C. Penny's and Nordie's. Boo.

Full Figured Diva said...

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your amazing comment:)) Those bras are beautiful girl! I usually purchase my bras from Macy's.

Lupe said...

Cute bras:

I have a hard time shopping for bras cus i'm a flat 34A
so there aren't sexy little bras for me lol

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I have gained so much weight that wearing a bra has been frustrating. My old bras cups are too tight. So I went up a number size and it didn't help. Then brilliantly I figured out that I need to go up a cup size, and ahh I feel good. Perfect timing for this blog post, I'm going to post something on Weds. about my new bra.

Bali 3335 said...

This is my favorite bra. I'm a full D cup and need lift, support and shaping. This one does it all. Brings 'em back up where they should be, gives them a nice round look and minimizes them so that button down shirts are wearable.