Saturday's with Stef

8:56 AM

Where to begin! I think the lesson I have learned this week is :Laughter is the best medicine. You know, I have laughed before with the ex. In fact, he probably is one of the most funniest people I have known. Though this weekend, I have laughed, for the second time since out break up. I feel as if God talked to me and said, "Stefanie, its okay to be happy." I always felt like I have had to hold back because I was feeling guilty because without the ex, I am happy. No more tears, no more drama, just me, life, and love. I am not sure where I am gonna end up or who I am gonna end up with. Even though I like this new dude, nothing in life is guaranteed. Which means, he could easily be just not that into me. That's okay, there are always plenty of fish in the sea who would like to catch me and keep. So as of right now. I am going with the flow. No more "What Ifs" --Just "Oh wells!" I mean, I have to live life too. Lemme tell you, It feels so good to live life without having a man treat you badly!

So here's to life!





P.S: My  picture is of Felipe Esparza, the winner of The Last Comic Standing. I got a chance to check out his show and meet him!

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