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Friendships. Sometimes they feel like a damn relationship. Now, I can honestly say I only have 6 friends. I choose QUALITY over QUANTITY. Now we all have that one friend who feels the need to be mama bear. The one friend who thinks bullying is their way of saying, "I love you." After a HUGE fiasco last night, I was so done with that friend. She felt she can bully me into controlling me and what I say. Here's my thing when it comes to friendship.

1. Say what you mean, just don't say it meanly: There's a fine line between constructive talk and just being a bitch. Choose your words wisely and say it in the tone you would like to be talked to.

2. If you have a problem with a friend, you should be able to contact them outside of the world wide web and talk to them with how you feel in an appropriate manner: Slandering your friend in an anonymous status, tweet, is not cool and is a totally fail on your communication part.

3. FRIENDSHIP IS A TWO WAY STREET: It's a 50/50 agreement. Its work, dedication, trust, and loyalty on both parts. Not just one part. If you cant meet one another half way, then maybe you aren't friends.
4. DO NOT LIE: Lying is the worst thing you can do to someone you care about. The truth comes out sooner or later and you'll just not only look like a bad friend, but a liar.
4. Those who gossip with you, will gossip of you but a TRUE friend would never gossip about you: It's only natural to gossip with your friends. The Chisme. The "you-know-what-she-did" talk...Its NATURAL among friends. But a TRUE friend would NEVER let your name slip out their mouth.  If they do, remember, that is NOT a friend. A friend should be able to say it to your face. Not to others or a Facebook status. 

5. Communication: Talk it out and find a solution. Unspoken words cause damage and can end friendships.

There's probably more. But in all honesty, I am doing a friend revaluation. You know what that means, some will be pushed aside, some will be kept at a distance and others will be deleted. 

How do you deal with you friends when a problem arises?

Do you choose quality over quantity?

Small group of friends or big?

P.S: Above are pictures of my best friends Sher and Brittany


JStar said...

I TOTALLY agree with everything you said! Not all friends are meant to remain friends...No matter how long yall have known each other...People grow, and not all friends can grow with you...

Amanda Roo said...

I agree with your points on friendship as well. It's really sad how backstabbing some friends can be. I hate the excuse a lot of women use at how they don't like to sugar coat things they'll be real and tell you what's up. My problem with that is not only is it rude but you don't have to be so blunt in the way you talk to people. They don't seem to have any filters and I wasn't raised to be that way toward others.

Sher said...

Yay Best Friend! It's good to know who you can trust and turn to! Those who are only out for themselves are only going to drag you down!

safire said...

I totally agree with your list. I actually find the older I get, the smaller the circle of people I consider real friends. That's perfectly fine. It's definitely quality over quantity!

Have a lovely week!

B said...

Awww, loves this! Yeah, I have some of the same friends from college. And only a handful of those. I've lost a few, disconnected with others but people come in your life for a time and season.