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Hi my name is Stefanie, and I am addicted to Coca-Cola. 
I'm I the only Soda junkie here?

I honestly need 12 ounces a day...AND YES! My ass will count the points and save the points, just to make sure I can have my soda!

Has anyone stopped cold turkey?

Winged soda off?

or is an addict such as myself?

P.S: Happy birthday to my beautiful mommy! I love you mom!


Melissa said...

Your mom and I share a bday woot woot.

I wrote a similar post about soda

I gave it up for lent and I have gone cold turkey. It's hard, really hard lol. I can give it up for religious reasons but I am already thinking of the nice cold Pepsi I'll be having this weekend (finally) I would love to give it up forever. See I notice a lot of changes when I stop with the drug of choice lol SODA..
My back doesn't hurt
My face glows
My teeth aren't stained
My stomach isn't bloated

I would love to commit to say NEVER EVER SODA but I am not there yet. Have you tried just for 30 days? Oh and I don't do diet soda,can't stand it lol

WitchHazel said...

I stopped drinking soda 3 years ago and 20 lbs melted off without even trying. The de-bloating is highly noticeable too, as Ex FatGirl said. I won't touch the stuff now.. it tastes like pure sugar water, yuck! I prefer water, unsweetened tea, or juice.

Pretty J said...

Don't feel bad i'm drinking a coke at this very moment. But i decided to start slow with trying to give it up, every other day. Are you with me????

Pretty J said...

@ witchhazel, how long did it take to drop the 20 pds after you gave up coke?

Amanda Roo said...

I've stopped drinking sodas once when it was normal for me to drink maybe two a day... and boy did it give me the WORST headaches. That was a few years ago though. Now I don't drink as much cokes but I still crave that fizzle in my mouth!

WitchHazel said...

@ J: About a month, if that. It was so RAPID and noticeable I dropped almost a full pants size.

Stephie J said...

I havent drank pop since December. I cut it off cold turkey! I used to drink only gingerale when I had my own place.. (TONS) .. no wonder I gained so much weight because I was anti diet-pop and would down like 3 a day!! Now I dont drink any and feel great!! I dont crave it at all.. my teeth look alot whiter.. I am not as bloated or burpy.. AND in one year you can lose 10 extra lbs :)!

I mainly stick to water. Only other beverage I drink is coffee or espresso.

Unknown said...

I stopped drinking soda years ago, cold turkey. I don't even know exactly when, but I've never looked back.

I remember when I was little, I used to drink these big glasses of soda, multiple times a day, and I think about it now, and I say to myself, "No wonder you were a little chubby kid." lol.

I wanna say I stopped drinking it, right before my freshman year in high school. Because that's the summer I turned the ugly ducking into a swan. lol. So it's been about 7 years of drinking sprite, lemonade, but most of all water.

Water has become my drink of choice, and I only drink coke when I have no other choice and I'm choking, and I literally just drink enough to pass down my food.

If you want to stop drinking it, don't stop cold turkey, because I did research on this, and my yoga instructor told me that if you do that, you are going to most likely suffer from massive headaches. Start by drinking less soda, lowering your amount every few days by a little bit, and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Start replacing soda with other drinks, water, lemonade, even sprite, because they don't have the caffeine. Once you've gotten low enough, just stop drinking it all together. After 30 days, of no soda at all, you prove to your body that you can do without it. After that you can treat yourself to it, every once in a while.

I honestly stopped drinking it, and I hate the way it tastes now. Trust me, you will be doing your body a favor by leaving soda.

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