Jury Duty: An eye-opener

12:36 AM

So I have been on Jury Duty for the whole day yesterday and I am back here again, at the Los Angeles Courthouse, AGAIN, because I have not been interviewed. If you live in L.A you'd understand the traffic of L.A.---HIDEOUS! So I had my handy-dandy U.S Army soldier brother, drop me off and pick me up.
Needless to say, I was scared. This is MY FIRST Jury Duty experience. I came home crying. I cant speak of the case, but it really tore me up. As I was crying I was trying to make sense of the bad in life. I know I have done so pretty messed up shit in my life. I wont sit here and pretend I am miss goody-goody. I am far from that. I have lied, stole and cheated...Yeah, I said it. But at least I can own up to my own faults, I can own up to my own actions. This case really has me thinking about the day I become a parent. 

This was L.A Tuesday
I came home crying. In tears, sobbing...In all honesty, I just wanted my mom. I wanted her to comfort me and I wanted to feel the fur of my dog Chloe. I just wanted to be home. I seriously felt like I was in prison. My mom, like always, comforted me. In fact, Monday night, my mom made sure I had a Weight Watcher friendly lunch and goodies packed. Thanks to my mom, I had a 4 point Sandwich, 0 point Carrots, 0 point oranges, 2 point string cheese and a 2 point fun dip. Last night she made sure of the same thing. 

I thought about freedom.

I seriously felt like I was a prisoner. No sunlight. Just walls and bright lights. If that was some kind of prison, I sure damn didn't like it. But it had me thinking about life...I would NEVER want to be the one on trial. I would never want to come home to NO ONE....It's an ugly feeling. Its also sad feeling to know some ACTUALLY don't have freedom, don't have a mom to comfort them when they get home.

Needless to say, this Jury Duty experience, has been...well, has been an eye opener...

I think we all take things for granted. Our health, family, friends, food, houses, money....

What have you became grateful recently?


Stephie J said...

Ive been grateful to have you in my life <3

Traci Marie Wolf said...

My uncle just passed away and left behind a wife with Alzheimer's, a bunch of kids (2 of them really young.) So today I am grateful for the life I've lived. I was able to grow up with both my parents and I still have them today. Death is the ultimate reality check for me.

Traci Marie Wolf said...

UGH! Downtown LA. If the trial wasn't emotional enough the road rage will get you. I'm glad you made it through and don't have to go back.