12:05 AM

Some days I feel beautiful. Some days I don't.  Some days I feel like every many I pass by wants me, it in their stare, in their licking of their lips, its in the way they smirk at me. Then there are those days in which I feel like I am invisible. 

Where does my insecurity come from? Possibly a man telling me he wants to have sex with a thinner woman. Maybe its from the man whom I loved whole heartedly and cheated on me with other women. Maybe it's Los Angeles and this pressure to be thinner. 

I will NEVER be a size 12...I think I have said that before. I know women all over the world have insecurities like I do. Women who are even more insecure than I. Women who feel the EXACT same way I do. 

Sometimes, if I am alone with my own thoughts, I begin to think about ME. 
I am beautiful.

Mow lets try to convince my mind I am. Yes, I truly believe its my mind that gets the Best of me. That believes what they have told me and showed me. 


It's always mind over matter...

So how do you deal with days you don't feel beautiful?


safire said...

When I don't feel beautiful, I take extra time to dress up, eat healthy and exercise harder.

I think everyone has insecurities. I also think everyone has the power to change themselves into a better version :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post <3 I also have awarded you with the SYLISH BLOGGER AWARD