Nails of the week!

12:29 AM

I tried Broadways "Nail Dress"...Now this is another version of Sally Hansen's "Salon Effects", It cost about $5 at Walgreens...which is HALF the price of Sally Hansen's "Salon Effects"

As you can see...They DID NOT go on as smoothly. I have small nails to begin with, the sizes were WAY TOO big for my nails. Filing them was also a task. I had to file for a good 30 seconds if not more and they STILL did not file smoothly. I even tried my own file. Nope, didn't work as well. Once I got em on, I thought "Woosh!" and let them set for an hour, within an hour ONE started to peel. I just gently pressed it down more. 

As  you can see, this is what happened after just an hour of applying the "Nail dress." By the time I got out of the shower at night, they were ALL peeling OFF! All! 

So how would I rate this product?

1 out of 5 stars

It's only getting a 1 for the design of the nail dress.


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Leslie said...

dang that sucks i saw a video on them and they do look hard to style!!!