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COMMENTARY:  I wrote this Saturday on my Facebook "Notes" This came after numerous women complaining how they will never be like the little women here in L.A. The ones that the men here usually go for. I wrote this from experiences and most of all, FROM THE HEART. This is written for ever bigger woman who don't have a voice, women who feel alone, women, who feel the way I do, women who APPRECIATE their curves, and those, like me, who are slowly but surely appreciating them beautiful curves! CHEERS TO CURVES!


Melissa said...

Loveee it!!! I am with you on that one!


KayKay said...

this is so inspirational. i wish more of us women were happy with what we look like than resorting to extremes like plastic surgery. & thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

i love this post, as well as your blog.

curves are beautiful and i wish more women & men would understand that. i went thru a time when i wasn't comfortable with my body and reading this took me back to that place. but posts like this one and blogs like yours, mine and others allow the world to see that we are lovely, fantastic, beautiful women just like any other. love the blog and keep it up!


Pretty J said...

I love this post!!! Everyone (skinny or thick) needs to read it!!!!!

Melissa said...

Stef, Can I use this as a feature on my blog, I'll link it back to yours. Email me at exfatgurl@exfatgurl.com for more details and if you have any questions.

Here's an example of a past feature we have done before -http://www.exfatgurl.com/p/guest-features.html

Thanks chica!