Revlon "Nude Attitude" Review

5:35 PM

Hello! Hola! So I bought this new lipstick from Revlon called "Nude Attitude" As you can see, its REALLY fact too nude for me.  But I got it for $4 at Rite-Aide so I thought I'd give it a try. It totally drains me out. I look like death with it on, so I may have to add a little bit of lip-tint to it in the future.


safire said...

I love it! I'm always on the lookout for a good nude lipstick because I like to go all out with my eyes!

Leslie said...

i have this same nude lipstick!! idk if its cus im paler than it you can see it but i add lipgloss to it!!

Fragancia said...

i love nude lipsticks!! you look lovely with this on! xoxoxo

LOCA said...

Ooh but I love this color. I'm looking for the perfect nude, I need to check out the Revlon line.


April said...

I love that nude lipstick. But I do agree the red looks really good on you!
Love your blog!

Catalina said...

I love this lippie one of my favorites!

Its also great to erase your lip color and add a vibrant color gloss on top =]

The color lovely on you =]