Weekly Weigh-In: 1.4 Pounds Down

12:50 AM

I lost!

I am 6 ounces away from a 15 pound weight loss! * Go me!* 

My mini-goal is 200 pounds and after that, it will be mini-goals of 5 pounds. Its always better to set smaller goals that are more realistic. I also tamed the Cross-Trainer at the gym. * Go me!*


safire said...

You are SO close to the 15 lb mark! Yay for another loss :)

I officially weigh in on Wednesday morning so I hope I get a loss too!

Melissa said...

Super proud of you Stef, keep it up!!!

Stephie J said...

YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

Thank you ladies!

Dhalia Edwards said...

Yes go you! Stay motivated and stay positive. I've also been working since jan 3rd for..trying to get toned.


Pretty J said...

How are you doing with the no soda thing????????