The skinny girl always gets the guy....

12:48 AM

Now, I am gonna be COMPLETELY honest. I can HONESTLY say, my last ex, was the hottest boyfriend I have EVER had. However, Saturday night I was watching "Just Wright" and Queen Latifah's character, Leslie, said something that has stuck with me. She said, "A girl who is suppose to get a guy like that, she got him"

This refers to a PRETTIER, THINNER woman. While a girl like her who is JUST thicker, cant get a REALLY CUTE MAN.

I am not gonna sit here and pretend I can't relate. There have been MANY OF TIMES, in which I have always lost to the skinner woman. And yes, it's true, its VERY rare that thicker women get that one GORGEOUS men. For years upon years, I have the the thought of dating a REALLY hot man out the door. Why? Because lets face it, if he looks HOT the HOTTER girl always gets him. Shallow, yes they are are. So years have passed and I have lowered my standards. I have thinner friends, every time we went to the club, they got that one good looking guy to actually approach them. Again, I lost. But I have had this conversation with my best friend a million and one times, "Stefanie, you can get any guy you wanted to if you wanted to" Two years ago, I actually out this to the test. It started out as a "Lets see if I can get the guy" It was a deputy on campus. Each day I would flirt, make him laugh and one day, he actually asked for my number and we had NUMEROUS dates. In fact, we did more than lunch dates, but I wont go into that. You get the drift... I FOR ONCE in my life, GOT THE GUY. The man who girls drool over at school. I had him calling me, picking me up, dropping me off at my classes, waiting for me after work, I had him in the palm of my hand. That all changed when I fell in love with my ex. He wasn't looking for anything serious anyways and I wasn't gonna wait around for him to either. We moved on and till this day, he still follows me around campus. Hard to let me go, I guess so.
But then I met my ex. EVERY girl who crossed his path wanted him. BUT HE LOVED ME. If only they knew half the shit I put up with, I am 100% they would have checked out sooner than I did. But I had his love..I once again got the boy. Here I am single...and after being treated as badly as I did, I am once again faced with battling it out for "the guy" I want. My low esteem sometimes backs me into the corner and I figure, he wouldn't want me anyways. "I'm fatter and not as pretty as those other girls. Girls like me, do not get guys like that" and other days I am, "Plus-sized who? me, not!" and I have the drive to shine! 

I think this happens more than we care to realize. The thinner and prettier women always get "The guy" and us thicker girls always lose. So we back ourselves into the that corner and think, "He's out of my league anyways." It takes a special man to appreciate curves, it takes a special man to appreciate the juiciness of a thicker woman. All in all, it takes a REAL man to look past weight and a shell to love us thicker women. (Not saying it doesn't take a real man to love a thinner woman, but y'all get my takes a REAL man to love just in general!)

I may not be the prettiest woman or the thinnest, but hell. I sure am an amazing woman. 

Have you ever experienced a situation similar to mine? or the the movie "Just Wright"


JStar said...

This must be an LA thing...Because here in DC its quite the opposite...Of course its prodominately a black area, so the men here are used to some booty and thicker women...And the white women here are usually built like a black woman...but poor ole me...My size 0 with no booty...Get passed up on ALLLLLL the time...and I get the comments as I walk by....I am in NO way bragging about my size...I SOOOO want to be bigger...I am VERY insecure with my a teen I wore baggy clothes to hide my size...

safire said...

Asians only go for the tiny pretty girls :) then again I'm not attracted to most Asians because they are too tiny to me. I like my men manly.

You are gorgeous in your pictures. I think men have very different preferences though since their idea of beauty may be different.

Style Chic 360 said...

All men have different taste! Guys where I'm from love of woman "with a lil meat on her bones", but there are some that prefer petite women too.

To each their own. But you are Beautiful...girl you've got FACE!

Moya2bean said...

Damn it I love the fact your so real! I saw that movie as well....great movie! I must admit, im from D.C as well and it is all about the booty...but girl you are beautiful...ur picture is stunning