Sleek Circus i-Divine Palette

12:47 AM

One of my soul sisters LaaLaa sent me this all the way from the U.K awhile ago (Pardon the broken mirror, the U,S postal service must have broke the mirror and handled my package rough). I love the colors! They pop! These colors come just in time for summer and lemme tell you, around L.A, these colors are perfect! 
You can find Sleek Make up HERE
And the palettes are cheap and when I say cheap, I say $10 or so. 



iamwonderwoman said...

okay I need to buy this pallet! I seen another one on the site that I MUST GET! lol I'll order one as soon as I get the money too ;) been splurging to much haha love it, keep em coming!

Debbie Baker Burns said... don't usually see such bright colors in trays like this.

Unknown said...

i love that pallet def gonna order one,luv the bright colors