Weekly Weigh-In: NO GAIN...NO LOSS

12:46 AM

So I didn't do BAD..I stayed the same. Wasn't because of anything I ate. Wasn't because I went under my points. Honestly, it was because my body is now adjusted to working out, so now I need to up the intensity of my work out. I other words UP it to my Fat burning zone.
I also was told that PMS'ing (Which I am--TMI) can cause a "Stand-still" for the week. Each body is different (Duh!) So, with that said, it's a NEW week for me. Im just happy I didnt gain! 
I think people take Weight Watchers as if its a LAW and then it becomes a DIET. And we all know the word, "Diet" is DREADFUL. Actually not just Weight Watchers, but ANY weight-loss program you are on, whether it be your own or another. It should be a way of life. I am not one to starve myself. I am not one to go not reward myself. If  want that snickers, I will save points for that snickers. If I want that slice of "Stefanie Cheesecake" from the Cheesecake Factory, I will save my allowance for that. I am NOT gonna restrict myself from living. I am not gonna punish myself from loving life or food for that matter.
Truth is, you SHOULD NOT be depriving yourself. This I learned in Weight Watcher meetings. I think those who actually go to meetings enjoy life much more while on the program (This is coming from ME, Who has done just online and the meetings) and not make it a "Diet" but rather a way of life. The people I have met, have good days and they have bad days when they ate that 15 point burger. Shoot, I say if you work hard for it, you deserve it! These people like me, work out or MOVE in some way. A big part of weight-loss is MOVING. 



Also people should have SUPPORT! For instance, here, I have my mom, my boss (who is pretty much like a mom) and a few friends on the same program I am on. Or I even have friends who are doing a similar lifestyle. It makes MY LIFE so much EASIER! 

So yes, this is my P.O.V on making the weight-loss a lasting journey. At least for ME...

How do you view weight-loss?


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