Weekly Weigh-In: 2 OUNCE GAIN

12:06 AM

Yep, two ounces...however even though that's "Nothing" While I weighed-in the lady made it sound as if it was two pounds! I was humiliated and I was DONE. I walked out and regrouped. After the meeting I sat to talk to my leader. I love having someone who is a PROFESSIONAL at weight watchers. Told her what can I do that's different. I'm gaining ounces. Losing ounces...and she looked at me and said, "Mama! Your inches are going down. Sometimes we lose inches not pounds" It was then two other members came and told me the same thing. We talked. I have friends who don't do meetings and that's cool, their stuff not mine. But I looked at success rates and saw people who are in a support group other than family and friends, keep the weight off. She remind me, "This is NOT A DIET" She needed to remind me that.

"The words 'I cant eat that'  should not be in your vocab, people who say that, fail in the end. We promote healthy eating, but lets be honest, if we were bots and did everything perfectly, there wouldn't be meetings. Eat it, track it!"

I had been balling when I first approached Michelle, but at the end of the convo, I look at all the people I meet there. I just love my group. The support other than friends and family, is amazing and I learn so much from all sorts of people. I am not afraid to ask for help, or how to do certain things. I remember, "THIS IS A WAY OF LIFE"

I will never be one of those people who say, "I can't do this" ,"I can't eat that" because you know what? I CAN! I can eat that burger...as long as I track it! 

I now know that the inches are falling off and like Michelle said, "Trust me, the pounds will follow"



keren said...

I dealt with the weight battle and became successful when I realized it was a lifestyle change. You are well on your way. Stay lovely!

Nekiah Torres said...

So glad that you have such a great support group to encourage you when you are down or struggling. Hang in there girl...you are doing great and you look great!!! Don't concentrate on the small stuff...I mean 2 ounces...seriously!! Look at all the weight you have lost from the beginning up until now!! You should be looking in the mirror going....."WOW"!!! YOU DID THAT GIRL!!! Kiah

mrsjarette said...

Go girl...whateva you lose counts ...