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I wanna get UBER serious today. My website deals with beauty, love, fashion, and health...and Sex goes along with health.
Recently I went for my "woman check-up" and they did the whole STD panel. Normally I wouldn't be so worried. But, I had questioned my ex's sexual habits. There had been several times within our relationship in which I felt he was not just sleeping with me. Again, I am not gonna bad mouth him and I knew he was clean despite my suspicions, but for my OWN Peace of mind I had to do the STD panel  (They gave me a choice). This isn't the first time I have been checked for STD's. Every time we broke up I made sure I was checked.

I have only had less than 5 partners. All were protected but this recent boyfriend. I will admit, as smart as I am, I sure am stupid not using a condom. I own up to it!

Before I go further: ALL my tests came out NEGATIVE! 

Anyways, My sex life is not about this post, this post is about GETTING TESTED if you are sexually active. Even if you are in a committed relationship. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!

I know what some may be thinking? I am in a committed relationship. YOU may be, sure...but you NEVER know what your partner is up to and even if you DO fully trust them, I think as a couple you should both get tested therefore you don't have to worry all on your own.

Each time I go, even if I am not sexually active at the moment I STILL get one done. AIDS can show up LATER on as well as other STD'S.

I think getting tested takes courage. Takes SELF-LOVE, SELF-RESPECT & SELF- WORTH...

I encourage STD testing. Some STD'S like herpes, warts, and AIDS are INCURABLE. 

I am providing links to see where you can get tested if you don't have a Doctor or feel uncomfortable going to your primary doctor or OBGYN:


Big Mark 243 said...

Good advice... a true public service post..!

Unknown said...

Very good blog post!!!!

Huda said...

This is a really important topic/issue, and I'm really glad you brought it up. Couldn't agree with you more, especially about the part that even if you're in a serious relationship, it doesn't necessarily exclude you from getting checked. Great advice! I'm glad everything came back negative for you.

I wanna be fierce said...

Glad you shared this.


Wendy said...

Great post and advice! It's important to get tested no matter what. Thank you for sharing and hope everyone at least considers getting tested.

Wait Until The Sunset said...

So true Stef! Too many girls I know are too scared to get tested. It's so awesome that you shared this, because it shouldnt be taboo at all! Go Stef!