Favorite LOW POINTS Fast foods!

12:07 AM

People think because you are on Weight Wacthers it means you cant eat out! NOT TRUE! So I made a list of my FAVORITE things to eat at a few of my FAVORITE fast food places! 

SUBWAY: Breakfast Egg & Cheese Muffin = 4 points

I fill this baby up with VEGGIES GALORE! I also subsitute the cheese for ham which still comes out to 4 points!

 (Minus the syrup)
If you know me, which some dont, these are my latest obssession and they hit the spot! Honestly, I dont need syrup, them plain suit me just fine...

McDonald's Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cone= 7 pts

I have a MAJOR sweettooth! and honestly, if I have 7 points to spare and I want some chocolate and ice cream, guess where I am headed...Mickey D's! Foster Freeze has 14 point chocolate dipped, NO THANK YOU! I'll stick to 7 points. Plus if I dont, I use my actibity points or my extra, 

DENNY'S BREAKFAST!= Points vary...Mine is usually 14 for all that food!

I usually will go to Denny's for brunch. Huge breakfast for 14 points, Im there!

What are some of your favorite foods from Fast Food joints?


Wait Until The Sunset said...

oh my goodness! I had no idea you got to eat such yummy foods on WW. Might have to check that out!

Moya2bean said...

Cool beans!
I like that it does give you points so you can have a treat or two.
Now that sounds like my kind of diet :)
Keep up the good work mama, mwah!

Unknown said...

WOW...all these food looks so super delicious!!

<3 Marina

Alexandra said...

If you have twitter, you should follow the "Eat This Not That" account (http://twitter.com/#!/EatThisNotThat). I think it's more specifically for men (the website is usually linked to Men's Health) but they have a lot of great tips about good food alternatives at both fast food and sit down restaurants, as well as other food myths and interesting facts. I've become kind of obsessed with it! There are a lot of foods out there people think you can't eat on a diet and it's nice that it's not always true.

Diana said...

i had no idea that McDonalds had chocolate dipped ice-cream :D Whenever I have a sweet tooth i usually go there myself. But i usually just get the plain vanilla cone. Just 82 cents! Thanks for this informative post.

Theresa said...

Some of my favorite Fast food places to eat are : Burger King I usually order a whopper with fries, sometimes onion rings, when i was out in cali TOMS used to be my favorite with their fried zucchini and ranch MY WEAKNESS! sometimes i like to mix it up for something different like sonic their Coney Chili cheese fries and corn dog with a cherry limeade really good lol.

Nekiah Torres said...

I was hoping something I liked was on this list! I love Denny's!! YAY!! It is so great that you can still eat "good tasting" things!! Kiah

Reggie said...

Those mini pancakes look tasty.