Saturday's with Stef

12:06 AM

Ahhh meet my brothers. Joseph (Top) when he was younger and Max(bottom) when he was younger. I had a picture of all three of us NOW, but some how I cannot find it.

I am my mothers only girl. Thank the Lord, because honestly I cannot stand girls and drama. Hormones in the same house...not cool. Granted I have two step-sisters, I really am not all that close to them as I am my brothers. In fact, I really am not close to them. Sad, but true. This had me thinking about family.

I love my brothers...TO DEATH. Despite the fact that they are YOUNGER and treat me as if I am the youngest, I love them.

As time went on my brother Joseph got married and now Max is headed to the Army. We are all on different paths in life. I started to think about when we get older. About Christmas's, Holidays, Birthdays and I kind of panicked. I cant imagine being one of those families in which the siblings don't talk as they get older.
It had me thinking about the kids I want to have. Seriously, I want four. At the rate I am at, Ill be lucky to have two. 

I dunno maybe I am rambling on about my brothers because the other day a friend asked "Aren't you sad you don't have real sisters?" and I didn't hesitate. "Nope!" Truth is, A) I am very MY mom. Now if I had a sister I'm not sure if I would be that way, but I am a Mommy's girl to the fullest B) I have a best friend who I consider blood (Sher) and in all honesty she fills that sisterly bond. It had me thinking how grateful I am for my brother's.

Do you have siblings?

Are you the only girl or guy?

Ever wish your sibling situation was different?


Fragancia said...

awww love those pics i always wanted to have a little brother. lucky you :). Best of luck to your little heroes!! <3

Marta said...

Cute! I only have a brother, so is good to be the only girl but sometimes I wish I had a sister too.

♥ CG ♥ said...

These pics are adorable, great memories, huh? Lovin' your hair! It's just my sis and I, but there are 16 years between us. I used to wish I had a brother, but I've found that in a few of my friendships. Enjoy your weekend, suga!

Brat said...

I always wished I had a younger brother or sister (I wasn't fussy, I just wanted someone to play Mummy with). I only have an older sister - I'm lucky I was actually born at all. My Mum wanted an only child and my Dad convinced her to have the second baby. My Sister is 4 years older and we are very close.. Infact, I live with her at the grand old age of 25!
My Mum has just one sister too and they haven't spoken in over 20 years - I just can't imagine that. My Dad has 8 siblings including a twin.. He's not close to any of them at all. I find it so odd.

LaaLaa said...

Beautiful photos. Unfortunately I am the only child, me myself & I. I have those friends that feel that void but sometimes I feel it would of been nice to of just had a sibling to grow up with xoxo

Theresa said...

Aww this was such a cute post!!!!! I know what you mean, it's Just me and my brother and Im the oldest, A couple years ago i found out i had a step brother whos is possibly 3years older then me and it turns out my dad signed all his rights over to the mother, but it all came out of the closet. and i was shocked. I grew up with my cousins and i feel they are my brothers and sisters more then just cousins, Im close to them and I think if I had a sister it would be horrible. I could only stand so much of my female cousin, I was a big daddies girl. he was and still proud of me being his daughter. He loves the woman i have become with my husband and my little family. My mom well not so much.. ill tell you this if i had another sister she would def be her favorite... <3 u

Wait Until The Sunset said...

what a beautiful family! I am one of four so it's often hard to get a word in!

B said...
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B said...

Sisters aren't so bad. I'm the oldest of 4 girls and we didn't have much drama in the house. There were fights but nothing too crazy. We aren't super close (since we're so far apart in age and live in different cities) but it's all love when we get together. Totally wish I had an older brother though. I want 4 kids too. I want to have 2 and adopt 2 siblings.